Monday, May 28, 2012

bulletin boards

Wait, it's only May. Why have I already started set up for the new year? Total excitement. You see, I've been blessed to share a contract for the last four years while raising my babies. This fall, I return to the classroom full time. I'm just plain totally excited!

I feel like a first year teacher. I'm jazzed about the class decor. I'm doing a complete overhaul and updating of my files and supplies. My creative juices are overflowing onto the walls and into the lesson plan book. I've got so many ideas and inspirations floating around in my head and on my computer that I'm struggling to remember everything.

To start, I called in my trusty classroom buddy, my Mama. We spent hours pouring over color schemes and materials at Target, the Dollar Store, Big Lots, Walmart, you name it. Being scrapbookers and overall crafters, we knew we needed ribbon and contact paper to make it all come together. Take a look at our creation...

Because the new Fire Marshal has strict rules about the very small amount of paper allowed on the walls, I had to find a new way to display kids' writing. I'm pretty happy with what a little bit of spray paint, lots of contact paper, and a ribbon can do to almost 20 year old clipboards. Only teachers can appreciate how ten hours of work takes up so little space though.

*Bonus points for finding a way to get rid of the little scribbles etched into the boards. :)

My writing center

My Focus Wall - floor meeting area

My desk

My Mama's curtains. Yep, it added just that little bit of cuteness I wanted.


Heather's Heart said...

Wahoo for being full time this year!

I love the clipboards and think it would take me all summer to cover mine!

I am so glad you stopped by my blog and I hope the next time that you come visit you maybe consider following me back! =)

Heather's Heart

Miss Brynley said...

Thanks, I am one of your newest followers, too. Totally cute blog!!

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